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MumbaiIndian.com is dedicated to the die hard spirit of Indians in Mumbai

A Mumbai Indian -What does it mean to be a Mumbai Indian?Is it just a cliche, as some seem to claim – is being an Indian in Mumbai just representative of the oft repeated indefatigable “Mumbai spirit”?

To me, being a Mumbai Indian essentially means one line from Dhirubhai Ambani
“I am deaf to the word “no”.”- Dhirubhai Ambani

Essentially, the Mumbai Indian spirit is to keep fighting, irrespective of the odds against you and never let go!

MumbaiIndian.com is an “Unofficial” fan portal of the Mumbai Indians IPL cricket team

mumbai india marine drive nackles view

mumbai marine drive nackles view, Mumbai, India
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MumbaiIndian.com is a portal for the Mumbai Indian IPL cricket team fans, created by Mumbai Indians fans,for all fans of this IPL franchise. We encourage all fans of the Mumbai Indians IPL cricket team participate in generate content for this portal

The only intention of creating this cricket portal was to provide a window for the Mumbai Indian to engage with each other and celebrate the successes of the Mumbai Indians team in the IPL T20 cricket tournament

MumbaiIndian.com is a fan site created by an Indian fan from Mumbai, for fans of the Mumbai Indians IPL franchise and maintained by fans

We encourage every Indian cricket fan to participate in this fan site created exclusively for the Indian in Mumbai to participate and make this portal a success. We will encourage fans of the Mumbai Indians IPL T20 cricket team to not only comment on the articles, but also participate in the forums and chat zones

If you are a Mumbai Indian,we also would love to have you contribute to the portal and will create an environment for you to author articles for the Mumbai Indians fan portal

The Mumbai Indians is the only IPL cricket franchise that talks about being “Indian”

beautiful skyline mumbai india

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The “Indian” word in the “Mumbai Indians” brand name is extremely evocative and demonstrates the truly cosmopolitan nature of the Mumbai Indian.

While other franchises take pride on their local parochial brand names, such as the Chennai Super Kings, the Kolkata Knight Riders,the Deccan Chargers, the Rajasthan Royals ,the Delhi Daredevils or the Punjab Kings XI, the promoters of the Mumbai Indians IPL T20 franchise has hit upon a fantastic name that captures the “spirit of Mumbai”

Be a true Mumbai Indian- Support our team in the IPL T20 tournament

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Its your Mumbai Indians fan site, remember?