Praveen Amre in, Lalchand Rajput out for Mumbai Indians IPL cricket team

April 7, 2009

Praveen Amre has been selected to be part of the Mumbai Indians coaching staff

praveen amre mumbai iplAmre and Pollock have been selected to lead the Mumbai Indians coaching staff. Subsequently,Lalchand Rajput has resigned from his current “coach” role for the Mumbai Indians IPL team,citing “personal reasons”

In the absence of a “coach” in the Mumbai IPL team,the “assistant coach” Amre and the “mentor” Shaun Pollock will form the nucleus of the Mumbai coaching team

Amre has great experience and knowledge of South African cricket pitches

With the IPL being played in South Africa, Praveen Amre ‘s experience in South Africa will prove to be really useful

Praveen Amre had a century on his debut test match in South Africa at Durban. Period. There can be no greater advertisment of Amre’s knowledge of South African cricket pitches

In addition, Amre has played an entire season for the Borland cricket team in South Africa ‘s domestic cricket tournament more recently in 1999. The South African cricket pitches may have changed a bit since then, but a century on South Africa’s pitches and an entire cricket season in South Africa is amazing , in terms of experience and learning

Amre has coached the Mumbai cricket team to Ranji Trophy wins

Praveen Amre has had a successful stint with the Mumbai cricket team,leading Mumbai to win the Ranji trophy cricket tournament

In the process, Amre ‘s knowledge of the Mumbai ‘s local cricket players and his ability to bring out the best of the Mumbai youngsters will play a key role to Amre ‘s success for the Mumbai IPL team in IPL 2009

Pollock and Amre form a great coaching pair for the Mumbai IPL team, along with the leadership of veterans such as Sachin Tendulkar and Sanath Jayasurya

Pollock and Amre complement each other perfectly. Both Pollock and Amre are well respected by the Mumbai IPL team players- Pollock was even reverentially nicknamed “Kaka” by the local Mumbai IPL team players

Praveen Amre has great experience and knowledge of the Mumbai ‘s local IPL players and Pollock has great knowledge of cricket in South Africa and superlative skills in pace bowling. Even Zaheer Khan has already expressed his eagerness with working with Shaun Pollock and learning the finer nuances of pace bowling on South African cricket pitches

Amre and Pollock can count on Sachin Tendulkar to rally the Mumbai Indians IPL cricket team

Praveen Amre and Pollock have one incredible asset – Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin Tendulkar ‘s mere presence in the Mumbai Indians IPL cricket team is good enough to inspire the Mumbai IPL players to give their best and Sachin’s enthusiasm even at this age will ensure that Amre and Pollock really do not have to do much


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