Kyle Mills for Mumbai Indians IPL cricket team,will it work?

February 23, 2009

Kyle Mills has been selected as a seam bowling option for the #Mumbai #Indians #cricket team

Kyle Mills at Jade Stadium Christchurch New Zealand 2Kyle Mills comes into the Mumbai Indians cricket team as one of the few New Zealand cricket players in the IPL cricket League. While there are a lot of New Zealand cricket players in the ICL (Indian Cricket League), the IPL does not have too many Kiwi cricketers

Kyle Mills is of course a surprising choice, as seam bowling is not exactly expected to be a great option on the flat IPL wickets. In fact, Kyle Mills will face a challenge if the trend of having batsman friendly pitches continues in the IPL T20 2009 cricket season

Kyle Mills, Dominic Thornely and Dhaval Kulkarni are fairly similar cricketers for the Mumbai Indians cricket team

Kyle Mills is of course easily the best bowler among the seam bowling options for the Mumbai Indians IPL team- Dominic Thornely and Dhaval Kulkarni are more bits and pieces kind of players. In recent series , especially the New Zealand vs South Africa one day cricket series,Kyle Mills demonstrated his seam bowling skills,albeit in a losing cause, to be named the man of the series

There will be competition among the overseas cricketers for the four available overseas positions in the Mumbai Indians cricket team and Kyle Mills will be competing with not only Dominic Thornely but also the likes of Fernando and Bravo for a chance to play in the IPL T20 cricket tournament

Injury worries for Kyle Mills, could derail his IPL propects for the Mumbai IPL team

Kyle Mills has been troubled by injuries for a major part of his career. In fact, as we speak,we hear that Kyle Mills may not be playing in the Twenty20 cricket matches in the India Vs New Zealand cricket series

The IPL cricket season is rigorous and involves travel around the country. It will be interested to see whether Kyle Mills not only adjusts to the rigorous travel, but also stays away from injuries to play continous cricket for two months for the Mumbai Indians IPL team. “Getting acclimatized” is of course a much misused phrase, and the sooner Kyle Mills gets acclimatized and enjoys being in Mumbai and India for two months, the better will be his successes in the IPL

Jean Paul Duminy now part of Mumbai IPL cricket team

February 21, 2009

JP Duminy has been inducted into the Mumbai Indians IPL cricket team

Duminy - Mumbai Indians IPL team-DrivenJean Paul Duminy, the South African cricketing star of the Australia vs South Africa cricket series has been selected for a whopping price by the Mumbai Indians IPL cricket team

The exuberance of Duminy ‘s youth balanced with the experience of Sachin Tendulkar and Sanath Jayasurya will create an amazing batting lineup for the Mumbai Indians IPL team

JP Duminy epitomizes a cricket batsman in form- a batsman who does not really care for reputations and even treated the Australian bowling attack like a jaded second string Zimbabwe bowling combination. Duminy is exactly what the Mumbai Indians cricket team needs, an attacking batsman who does not care for bowling reputations

Duminy comes to the Mumbai Indians cricket team at a time when the Mumbai IPL team was in danger of being regarded as an “veteran player” team, with Sachin Tendulkar, Sanath Jayasurya, Zaheer Khan, Fernando and other “old” cricketers gracing its ranks. With the addition of JP Duminy and Ashraful in its ranks, the Mumbai IPL cricket team now looks more balanced and has the right combination of youth and experience

Is Duminy really only a cricket test match player and can he do well in the T20 cricket format for the Mumbai Indians IPL team

Duminy joins a select group of champion South African cricket players in the IPL such as Jacques Kallis, Graeme Smith and Mark Boucher- but barring Graeme Smith, none of the other South African cricketers have done well in the IPL. In fact, Duminy ‘s success against Australia came largely in the test cricket series, and Jean Paul Duminy still faces questions about whether he can do well in the T20 format for the Mumbai Indians IPL team

In addition, Duminy has probably never travelled to the Indian subcontinent and definitely not played cricket at the highest level. Duminy ‘s ability to acclimatize quickly to the Indian cultural environment will be tested in the rigorous schedule of the IPL

Duminy will of course enjoy playing with the likes of Sachin Tendulkar and Sanath Jayasurya in the IPL and will have a great experience at the start of his international career

..and Duminy will have loads of money too!

Mohammed Ashraful is a great choice by the Mumbai Indians cricket team

February 20, 2009

Ashraful – surprise selection by Mumbai Indians IPL team

mohammed ashraful mumbai indians iplThe Sachin Tendulkar-led Mumbai IPL cricket team has bought the dashing Bangladesh batsman Mohammed Ashraful for just USD75000

Ashraful seems to be a inspired selection by the Mumbai IPL team which will miss the services of Robin Utthappa , who has been transferred to the Bangalore Royal Challengers cricket team

Ashraful ‘s batting talents are ideally suited for Twenty20 cricket

Mohammed Ashraful is a talented batsman who does not really need to settle down before he gets going. Ashraful and his hard hitting ways are ideal for Twenty20 cricket , where you have very few balls to come to terms with the bowling and you have got to look to score boundaries off almost every ball

Ashraful has in the past scored some inspired knocks notably against India , Sri Lanka and even the Australian bowlers at their peak and his batsmanship and experience will be a boon to the Mumbai Indians IPL cricket team

Ashraful ‘s infamous inconsistency and his tendency to throw away his wicket is not a problem for Twenty20 cricket

There is always talk about Ashraful and his losses of concentration that lead to his playing atrocious shots and getting out after being well set. However, that may be just because Mohammed Ashraful has not been nutured by the right mentors and coaches

Sachin Tendulkar ‘s calming influence and mentorship skills should see Mohammed Ashraful blossoming to realize his true potential as one of the greats of world cricket

Also, a quick thirty to forty run inning from Ashraful may be good enough for the Mumbai Indians Twenty20 IPL team since the team has a great opening combination in Sachin Tendulkar and Sanath Jayasurya and just needs an experienced hand to shore up the middle order supported by newcomers such as Ajinkya Rahane and Abhishek Nayar

Mohammed Ashraful is an excellent choice for the Mumbai IPL team and the Mumbai Indians IPL team is lucky to get this talented batsman at such as a great price