Bravo opens for the Mumbai Indians IPL T20 cricket and stars in win over Kings X1 Punjab

May 16, 2009

Dwayne Bravo helps Mumbai IPL T20 cricket team find a new “opener” in win over Kings X1 Punjab

Scores: Kings X1 Punjab 119/9 off 20 overs. Mumbai Indians 120/2 off 16.2 overs. Bravo 79, Sachin Tendulkar 41Dwayne Bravo and Sachin Tendulkar make the target of 120 set by the Punjab Kings X1 T20 IPL2 cricket team seem ridiculously easy as the Mumbai Indians cricket team strolls past the meagre target

Dwayne Bravo ‘s belligerant innings in the T20 IPL2 cricket match vs Punjab Kings X1 suggests that Bravo may be the opening batsman the Mumbai Indians were looking for

One of the problems for the Mumbai Indians IPL2 T20 cricket team has been the overdependence on Sachin Tendulkar and Sanath Jayasuriya at the top of the Mumbai Indians batting order. But, if Dwayne Bravo can develop into a successful opening batsman, the Mumbai Indians can Sachin and possibly even Jayasuriya to shore up the middle order which loses confidence once Sachin and Jayasuriya fail

Dwayne Bravo should really be in England playing for the West Indies cricket team but the Mumbai Indians are lucky to have him in South Africa for IPL T20

For reasons unknown, Dwayne Bravo is unfit to play for the West Indies cricket team in England but is fit to play competitive cricket for the Mumbai Indians. The Mumbai Indians are not complaining however, as this classy allrounder may win more matches for the Mumbai IPL team in the T20 IPL2 cricket tournament

Bravo hitting “Appam” Sreesanth for 21 runs in one over was the highlight of the Mumbai Indians run chase

Dwayne Bravo hit the overrated Sreesanth for 21 runs including some huge sixes as the Mumbai Indains made a mockery of the target set by the Kings X1 Punjab

Dwayne Bravo ‘s bowling has also been good, but he has been underbowled in Mumbai Indians T20 IPL2

Underbowling Dwayne Bravo has been one of the key strategy mistakes by the Mumbai Indians T20 cricket team in IPL2 2009. Dwayne Bravo may not appear as sensational as Lasith Malinga, but Bravo has not been taken to the cleaners by any batsman in IPL2 2009

Bravo has hardly completed his spell of four overs in any T20 cricket match for the Mumbai Indians and the Mumbai Indians will hopefully realize this and ensure that Bravo gets his full quota of overs


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