IPL2 T20 in South Africa|Mumbai Indians favorites

April 12, 2009

The Mumbai Indians cricket team is ideally suited to win the IPL2 2009 T20 cricket tournament in South Africa

ipl2 t20 mumbai indians CricketThe Mumbai Indians cricket team are currently practicing in the South African city of Durban, getting ready for the 2009 IPL2 (second IPL season) T20 cricket matches in South Africa. Barring Sachin Tendulkar who will join the Mumbai Indians cricket team who will join the team in a few days,almost the entire Mumbai Indians team is in South Africa already,getting acclimatized to the local conditions

With South African coaches such as Shaun Pollock and Jonty Rhodes, the Mumbai Indians cricket team definitely has a definite advantage over other IPL teams

Shaun Pollock is the “mentor” of the Mumbai Indians IPL 2009 T20 cricket team. Well respected by the Indian cricket team, Pollock , or “Kaka” as he is popularly known by the Mumbai IPL team, is one of the most experienced bowlers and exponents of seam bowling in South Africa

The Mumbai IPL cricket team bowlers, in particular, will relish working with Shaun Pollock, who will help the team exploit the South African pitch conditions to the fullest in the IPL T20 2009 cricket tournament

Zaheer Khan has already gone on record to say that he is looking forward to working with Shaun Pollock during the IPL T20 2009 cricket matches in South Africa

Indian bowlers such as Zaheer Khan and Dhaval Kulkarni will enjoy the presence of Shaun Pollock as the bowling coach of the Mumbai Indians cricket team. Shaun Pollock will impart the right bowling skills and techniques to Dhaval Kulkarni and the other young medium pace bowlers in the Mumbai Indians cricket team for the IPL 2009 T20 cricket matches in South Africa

Praveen Amre also has great South African cricket experience and that is good news for the local Mumbai Indians cricket players

Praveen Amre is the official assistant coach of the Mumbai Indians IPL 2009 T20 cricket matches. Praveen Amre has a century on test debut for the Indian cricket team at the Borland cricket grounds and has played an entire season in South African domestic cricket

Praveen Amre ‘s South Africa experience makes his role as mentor of the young Mumbai cricket players in the IPL2 T20 2009 cricket tournament perfect. Amre ‘s prime role is to be the advisor to the young Mumbai cricketers and his vast experience in South African conditions will ensure that the young Mumbai cricketers such as Ajinkya Rahane, Nair and Dhaval Kulkarni will be making optimum use of the conditions in South Africa

Sachin Tendulkar and Sanath Jayasurya have great experience of South African cricket conditions

While the contribution of Pollock, Amre and Jonty Rhodes will be immense in acclimatizing the young Mumbai Indians cricketers to South Africa pitches, Sachin Tendulkar and Sanath Jayasurya, the opening batsmen for the Mumbai Indians IPL2 2009 T20 cricket team really need no coaching. In fact,Sachin and Jayasurya have played more test and one day international cricket matches in South Africa than many players even in the South African international cricket team

Duminy ‘s selection for the Mumbai Indians 2009 T20 IPL2 cricket team was exceptional

Duminy is currently South African cricket ‘s latest sensation, having playing some superlative knocks for the South Africa cricket team against Australia. The Mumbai Indians had made a great investment for the future by hiring Duminy to play for their 2009 T20 cricket team at such as a young age

Duminy ‘s recent form against the Australian cricket team in Australia and South Africa ensures that he has great cricketing talent and should adjust quickly to the T20 cricket format while playing for the Mumbai Indians IPL cricket team

Effectively, the Mumbai IPL2 2009 T20 cricket team has a great chance of pulling off a win in the IPL T20 cricket tournament


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