Kieron Pollard and his importance for the Mumbai Indians IPL cricket team

March 5, 2010

Kieron Pollard is an expensive buy for the Mumbai Indians IPL cricket team, but may be worth the expense

Kieron Pollard - Tarzan
Kieron Pollard is a young West Indian cricketer who is the next hope for the Mumbai Indians cricket team. Kieron Pollard joins another West Indian cricket allrounder in the Mumbai Indians cricket team

The Mumbai Indians did not qualify for the semifinals of the first two IPL cricket tournaments and will now hope that Kieron Pollard makes the dreams of Mumbai cricket fans come true

Kieron Pollard is a fantastic allrounder with huge potential for the West Indies and the Mumbai Indians IPL cricket team

For Twenty20 cricket tournaments, allrounders such as Kieron Pollard are exactly what the doctor ordered. Pollard can not only bowl an accurate spell of medium pace , but more importantly can whack the ball out of the ground, before you can pronounce “Kieron” correctly.

Kieron Pollard is the perfect foil to the Mumbai Indians cricket team, which has stars such as Sachin Tendulkar, Dwayne Bravo and Sanath Jayasuriya

The Mumbai Indians cricket team has lacked a lower order hard hitting batsman, and Kieron Pollard is perfectly suited for this role. The Mumbai Indians have lost a lot of cricket matches in the last few overs and a hard hitter such as Kieron Pollard would have made all the difference to the prospects of the Mumbai Indians IPL cricket team

Kieron Pollard will be expected to score at a strike rate that is definitely above 200 and that will also put the fear of “Pollard” in the heart of the opposing IPL bowlers

What will be Keiron Pollard’s batting position for the Mumbai Indians IPL cricket team in the IPL (Indian Premier League) ?

Kieron Pollard ‘s batting position in the Mumbai Indians IPL cricket team is a tough problem to solve. I would suggest that even with a stalwart like Kieron Pollard, the Mumbai Indians should not toy too much with the batting order and have Pollard play the last 8-10 overs of the Twenty20 cricket match

It may be tempting to have Kieron Pollard open the batting for the Mumbai Indians so that they can exploit the first six overs but it doesnt make sense to toy with a batting order that has Sachin Tendulkar and Sanath Jayasuriya at the top of the order. Sachin and Jayasuriya may not have done too well in past IPL cricket tournaments but class will prevail soon

In summary, an exciting Kieron Pollard along with a resurgent Sachin Tendulkar should ensure a win for the Mumbai Indians cricket team


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  2. d.pratiek on April 6th, 2010 1:37 pm

    surely, mumbaiindians are the champions of this season ,no doubt.but the match btw csk will ascesses how near we are to get hold of that coveted trophy

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