Sachin Tendulkar ‘s Mumbai Indians “manage” to lose against Shane Warne ‘s Rajasthan Royals

May 16, 2009

Shane Warne wins battle against Sachin Tendulkar as the Mumbai Indians mess up the run chase and lose to Rajasthan Royals

Sachin tendulkar vs shane warneScores : Rajasthan Royals 145/7 , Mumbai Indians 143 all out in 19.2 oversSachin Tendulkar’s Mumbai Indians needed just 6 runs to win off 9 balls and had 3 wickets in hand, but still managed to lose against the determined Rajasthan Royals cricket team,captained by the amazing Shane Warne

Sachin Tendulkar ‘s Mumbai Indians need to shed their “chokers” tag immediately if they are to reach the semi finals of the IPL T20 cricket tournament

Sachin Tendulkar must be cursing himself, he played a classy innings (41 off 30 balls) for the Mumbai Indians and had already plundered the young Rajasthan Royals allrounder Ravindra Jadeja. Sachin Tendulkar had also already played a couple of brilliant strokes off Shane Warne’s bowling. However, when it mattered most, Sachin Tendulkar, who had been playing straight throughout his innings, played across to a flipper from Shane Warne and was plumb in front of the wicket

Abhishek Nayar stepped in for Sachin Tendulkar and revived the fortunes of the Mumbai Indians T20 IPL2 cricket team but couldnt finish it off against Shane Warne ‘s confident Rajasthan Royals

Coming in to bat when the Mumbai Indians needed 48 runs off 30 balls, Abhishek Nayar played some amazing strokes off the Rajasthan Royals bowlers. Abhishek Nayar took toll of both Munaf Patel and Botha by stepping towards the leg side and hitting the ball powerfully to the off side boundary

However, once Abhishek Nayar was unluckily run out, the rest of the Mumbai Indians batting folded up in a succession of run outs and the cool, calm and confident Rajasthan Royals cricket team led by the remarkable Shane Warne,walked away with a win that the Mumbai Indians should have easily achieved

Sachin Tendulkar ‘s Mumbai Indians lost another key close encounter against the Rajasthan Royals in the IPL T20 cricket tournament and need a Sachin miracle to reach the semifinals of IPL2 2009


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