Zaheer Khan for Robin Uthappa-Mumbai Indians IPL team transfer

February 19, 2009

Zaheer Khan has joined the Mumbai Indians IPL cricket team,in lieu of Robin Uthappa

Zaheer Khan Boxing Day Test Match 2007Zaheer Khan , easily the best bowler in India today, has joined the Mumbai Indians cricket team. This is great news for the Mumbai Indians IPL team that was desperately seeking the services of Zaheer Khan, who has performed brilliantly for the Indian cricket team in the last couple of years

Zaheer Khan in place of Uthappa,a win-win IPL transfer for Mumbai Indians and the Bangalore Royal Challengers

Zaheer Khan recently led the Mumbai cricket team to another Ranji trophy cricket win and the Mumbai cricket players really look forward to having Zaheer Khan in the Mumbai IPL team

Robin Uthappa, who was transferred out of the Mumbai Indians cricket team, is believed to be a favorite of Vijay Mallya, the owner of the Bangalore Royal Challengers cricket team

The Mumbai Indians IPL team would probably believe that they got the better deal in this IPL transfer, since Robin Uthappa did not do particularly well for the Mumbai Indians IPL team in the IPL T20 2008 cricket season

Zaheer Khan was called the best bowler in the world , by Kevin Pieterson

Recently, none other than Kevin Pieterson, called Zaheer Khan the best bowler in the cricket world in 2008. Having Zaheer Khan in the Mumbai Indians IPL team is fantastic news for any Mumbai Indians cricket fan

Zaheer Khan will spearhead the Mumbai Indians IPL team pace bowling attack, in the possible absence of Shaun Pollock

It remains to be seen whether Zaheer Khan will replace Shaun Pollock or just complement Shaun Pollock in the Mumbai Indians bowling attack. Shaun Pollock or “Kaka” as he was affectionately called by the Mumbai cricket players, was the star bowler for the Mumbai Indians cricket team in IPL 2008

Rumours persist that Shaun Pollock is not too keen to play the IPL 2009 cricket season and in his absence, Zaheer Khan will spearhead the Mumbai IPL team ‘s bowling attack. Of course, if Pollock is available, the Zaheer Khan / Shaun Pollock combination will be amazing to watch

Both Shaun Pollock and Zaheer Khan rely on swing bowling rather than raw pace and it will be a treat for Mumbai Indians fans to see Zaheer and Pollock “Kaka” bowling together

In addition to Zaheer Khan, the current form of Mumbai bowlers such as Dhaval Kulkarni will ensure that the Mumbai Indians IPL team have a deadly bowling combination


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